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New Risk Found in Unregulated Poppers Formulations

Products that do not contain alkyl nitrites are being sold as “poppers”. It’s a growing trend that requires clarification on nitrites and other compounds being marketed as poppers.  It’s very important to differentiate between what is traditionally known as a popper, which is created with alkyl nitrites, and what is falsely being sold as poppers today.

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Are Poppers Safe to Use? Government Report Clears Up Any Confusion.

Recent attempts by the UK government to ban various substances under the nitrite, or “poppers” as they’re called by users, have once again raised questions regarding public use and lasting political stigma.

On the 23rd of February 2016, Karen Bradley, an MP at the Minister for Preventing Abuse, Exploitation and Crime, commissioned the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD) to provide an assessment on any potential harmful effects as well as psychoactivity of alkyl nitrites. This may have been in preparation for the Psychoactive Substances Act update that took place on May 26, 2016.

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The Ban That Did Not Kill the Dream

Due to a recent failed attempt by English Parliament to put poppers on a blanket list of banned legal highs, some people have taken this as signs of waning use of the sought after compounds in the little bottles of perceived carnal pleasure.

Poppers are used by some for recreational and sexual purposes for their ability to relax the smooth muscles and facilitate smooth entry during sex. This trail of thought sometimes leads to a misrepresented idea that popper use is beginning to die out and be relocated to moments of nostalgia among older gay men.

If anything, the thrusting of poppers in the limelight by Conservative MP Crispin Blunt’s recent coming out should shed some light onto just how entrenched popper use is among people of all social classes and sexual backgrounds.

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Poppers Have Been Exploited for Over 40 Years

Poppers, now known as alkyl nitrites, have been exploited over the years by a number of different factions with different interests and perspectives on the topic. (1) The federal government used hate and fear of gays and the early AIDS epidemic to influence their regulatory behavior by ignoring facts presented to them by their own experts. (2) Writers posing as authorities, reported inaccurate information about poppers to further vilify them by spreading inaccurate information such as, reporting that the mob and federal government saw opportunities to make significant money preying on the appeal to gay users. (3) Manufacturers manipulated the formulas to avoid legal actions, but by doing so, changed the formulas beyond recognition. (4) New harmful volatile huffing agents are being marketed as “poppers” when they are actually dangerous substances. Through all of this, business thrived and the users of poppers have been sold a variety of goods, perhaps not meeting their expectations.

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The Truth About Poppers

Before you make your mind up about poppers, it is important to consider all the facts which present themselves in plain sight.  Although poppers have had a relatively impressive fan base since the 1970’s, much of the modern population is still in the dark about what poppers, including isobutyl nitrite, are versus what they are not.  Unfortunately, after various political campaigns and numerous bigot-inspired schemas, the trend of using poppers was quickly given an undue stigma.  Chastised as being wholly unsafe, socially improper, and physically dangerous, poppers fans went underground in an effort to preserve their favorite pastime.

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Poppers Ban & Crispin Blunt’s Alkyl Nitrite Cause

Poppers.Info recognizes Tory Member of Britain’s Parliament Crispin Blunt to be a champion for the cause of opening reasonable consideration and discussion of free use of alkyl nitrites by individuals for physical and sexual pleasure. In what was a heroic moment, he challenged Parliament to look at the facts about nitrites and their impact on the health of users, and the society at large.  In order to get their attention, he took a giant gamble that appears to have a most positive outcome. No one else in Britain and the United States has taken the leap of faith that Mr. Blunt took for a cause that has few champions.

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